Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Networking for Normal People

So how did we solve our cash-flow problem?

We had started going to a local coffee shop once or twice a week, when we needed a break. One of the hazards of working at home is that, if you want to get away from work, you actually have to leave the house.

After a couple of visits, we became regulars and would chat with the owners while we were there. When they found out our B&B plans, they asked if we would be interested in doing some baking for them. Would we!?!!

You keep hearing about the importance of networking, especially if you're self-employed. This sort of talk usually puts me to sleep. And I can't abide going to those Networking Events where everyone puts their business cards on a big table, hoping that others will pick them up.

But really, networking is just talking to people. Telling them what you do. Listening to their stories.

Sometimes it's a pleasant way to pass some time. Sometimes you can help to solve a problem. And sometimes one of the most fun jobs you've ever had walks up and introduces itself.

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