Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Last Lazy Sunday Link

I lost my job on Friday.

That makes it sound like I left it on the bus or something, doesn't it?

But, no, they hired someone to come in and let us all go. And in between wondering what was to become of meeeeeee! I kept thinking, "How bad does your life have to suck to spend all day every day telling people to pack their things and leave immediately?"

It's crazy what people will do for money.

I had seen it coming, though and had some plans and ideas in place. One of them was to launch an entirely new blog, which I did yesterday. It's called HappySimple and I hope you all will join me over there.

Because it's going to get really boring over here with nothing going on.

Thank you for your kindness, support and encouragement over the last year or so. I've had a really good time with you all.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Up until yesterday, we had been having a long and lovely unseasonably cool summer.  Sleeping blissfully under the duvet every night.  We had to turn the furnace right OFF because it kept wanting to start up in the morning.

I was wearing sweaters in August dammit!  I was HAPPY!

But then, yesterday, Mother Nature woke up, looked at the time and sent us a heatwave.

My hair has poufed out to dangerous levels, my pants want to fall down from the weight of all that humidity and my ankles?  Just shouldn't be seen in public.

On the plus side, the staghorn sumac we planted in the backyard a few weeks ago has finally decided it likes it here and is sending out new growth.

And Alan's on the quest for the perfect mojito recipe.  We now have two jars of mint-infused simple syrup resting on the kitchen counter. 

Because using sugar and mint leaves just wasn't doing it for him.

So what are you up to these days?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Want a Better Life? Give up Your Fears

It was a nice weekend chez Basically Unemployble.  We had a couple of dinner parties and were invited to a party on Saturday night, which, yay!  Parties!

I met up with an old favourite, who flirted outrageously with one and all.  Which was lovely.

But thinking back on some of the conversations I had over the weekend has left me troubled a bit.  Because they were about fear.  About how dangerous a place the world can be.  Travel is dangerous because foreigners might kill you.  Food is dangerous because, well, you could get sick.  Or maybe you just won't like it, which for some people, is just as scary.

And when I try to say that, no, actually, the world is not that dangerous, that people the world over are basically good and kind and will look out for you if you get into trouble.

And food, well, is to be enjoyed.  Period.

I say these things and I get looked at like I can't possibly know what I'm talking about and we just reach an impasse because I know I can't change their thinking and I certainly don't want to change mine.

But.  Have these people been attacked, mugged, robbed on their foreign travels?  Nope.  Have they ever nearly died of food poisoning?  No again.   They just worried about it.  They read a story somewhere and remembered a time when they were in a situation that could maybe have led to them having Bad Things happen.  They worried.  And continue to worry.  And they let that worry build into fear that thickens around them, making their world smaller and smaller and smaller.

Disaster strikes.  Or it doesn't.  And you can either be afraid, or you can stay open to life.

I know I prefer fearlessness.  I prefer a life of risk and adventure that, yes, may be cut short during one of those adventures.

But is sure beats leading a narrow, constrained life. 

How about you?  Fear or fun?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lazy Sunday Links

Last week I told you about Feedbooks and Google Books.

This week I found The Gutenburg Project which not only offers thousands of titles (all for free!) but also gives you the opportunity to proofread manuscripts they're working on!  I have several friends who, like me, can't NOT correct spelling mistakes when we see them.  This will give us all a safe outlet and make us much less annoying at dinner parties!

This week I've been working my way through The Good Human, which is full of great green advice and thoughtful articles on how to make the world a better place.

I'm also enjoying 43 Folders which is a creativity/productivity/make-your-life-suck-less blog.  Seriously, there's a whole searchable section called What Sucks? which some days is really very useful.

I hope you're having a lovely lazy Sunday.  What sucks in your life?  And what are your thoughts about fixing it?

If you appreciate these Sunday links, could you please do me a favour?  I've entered a contest to win a trip to go to the Antarctic and blog about it.  But I need lots and lots of votes to win.  Please take a minute, go here and cast your vote.  You'll need to register, but it'll only take a minute. 

And I'd be really really grateful.  Seriously grateful.  Take requests grateful.

Thank you.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lazy Sunday Links

I found Feedbooks the other day through Scott Pack of Me and My Big Mouth and I was reallyreally excited.  I mean, what could be better? Hundreds of downloadable books.  ALL FREE!!!

As I was sizing up the amount of floor space that would be freed up by offloading our bound books, my husband said to me, "You mean like Google books?"

And I'm all, "Google's doing whatnow?"

And, sure enough.  They are.

What's next?  Coffee pubs?  A chain of daycare centres?  It is possible to spread yourself too thin, Google.

Is all I'm saying.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Secret Language of Presents

Why am I writing about gift-giving in the middle of the summer?  Well, I heard the phrase "Christmas in July" and it got me thinking.  And since I can never find the posts I bank, I figured I'd just send this out now. 

I need to learn to file better.  Anyway, bookmark this page.  You'll thank me in about six months.  If you can find it again...

I'm sure you all realize that gifts have a hidden, secret language all their own.  This is why 'The Festive Season' inspires such angst.  And why so many couples hate it soooo much.  Singles, now you have something to feel really smug about.

Couples, you now have this handy list to help you decode things.  I give you: Gifts and What They Really Mean

SEXY LINGERIE/TOYS/PORN: I'm crap at gift-giving, but I hope you won't let that stand in the way of continuing our sex life.

BOARD GAMES: I feel socially awkward around your friends, but with this I hope to avoid a huge fight that could lead to you refusing to have sex with me.

ELECTRIC MIXER/POWER TOOLS: I view you as a caring, nurturing, capable human being, well able to look after my sexual needs.

BOOKS: I feel so comfortable with you and happy in our slothful existence that the thought of lying around in our tattered bathrobes, littering the bed with cookie crumbs does nothing to diminish my enthusiasm for having sex with you.

LEAF BLOWER: The sex part? Is over.

As I said.  It's a complete minefield.  But at least you've got five months to plan your strategy.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lazy Sunday Links

You may not have noticed, but the economy's a in a bit of a mess these days.  Even people with jobs are feeling insecure.  It's always good to have a plan B, no matter what your current status.

Trust issues you ask?  Well, yes, but please don't tell anybody!!!!

Cool sites I'm loving this week are: Career Renegade.  All about using Social Media to launch yourself and your business idea upon the universe.

IttyBiz.  As above, but with more swearing and direct marketing.

And The Anti 9-to-5 Guide.  Lots of great information, whether you're dreaming of making a break or dead terrified that you'll have to.

So how's it going?  Are you weathering the storm?