Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'd Rather Be Fun Than Good

We went to a Tarts and Vicars Party last week.  Seriously.  I thought they were an urban legend, but apparently, they really exist.

We didn't dress up, since we were last-minute invitees, guests of guests, actually.  Which could have been a bit awkward, except that our host was an amazing, fun-loving octogenarian, who was genuinely delighted to see us.

And, as these experiences do, it made me think a bit.  Here's a man who lives life fully.  He eats, he drinks, he throws noisy, crowded parties.  He seems to love life and everyone in it.

He's (as far as I know) not a church-goer, not a do-gooder in the usual sense.  He's Fun, rather than Good. 

And yet, through his seer love of fun, he spreads more joy than most people I know.

Now, I'm not saying that Good people can't be Fun (or that Fun people can't be Good).  But if I have to decide where to put my energies, I'm voting for Fun.

Which would you choose?


Piecake said...

I would like to think I would choose FUN, FUN, FUN. The reality is that I'm more Good than Fun, so I have apparently chosen Good. However, I'm not dead yet. There is still time to convert (or combine).

Barb McMahon said...

Ooooh! Combine! I hadn't actually thought of that.... Good for you!