Sunday, March 30, 2008

An Open Letter to British Bloggers

Dear British Bloggers,

I love your sense of humour.  That wonderful way you have of looking at life for the absurdity that it is.  I have a list of favourite British blogs a mile long that I'd love to share with the world.

But people?  It's the titles!  Some of my favourite blogs have names like My Boyfriend is a Twat.  Swearing Mother isn't too bad a name.  As billed, you do swear.  A lot.  But Peach Arse?   Eurojism?!?  I can't recommend these!  I mean, you're fabulous.  Funny and touching and all things good.  But the names...OY! Those names!

It Is Just You, Everything's Not Shit is written by a very nice young man.  And as near as I can determine, the only swear word used in the entire blog is right there in the title.  Figures.  I could recommend this site to my Nana, had she not been dead for...

Good God!  Nana's been dead nearly forty years!

And I know you Brits.  Everything's filthy.  Even stuff that sounds perfectly innocent.  I read Petite Anglaise.  I've picked up a few key phrases.  Which makes me especially wary of recommending sites like Private Secret Diary, Little Red Boat or Whoopee (winner of the Basically Unemployable prize for Best Opening Post Ever).  Dazzlers one and all. 

I just can't get past the sneaking suspicion that I'm saying something really rude and shocking when I mention those titles....

There is one, however that I'm pretty sure passes the clean test.  Musings From a Muddy Island.  No swears.  And lots and lots of book recommendations. Yay Juliet!

I'm sorry.  I'm not sure what I can do for the rest of you.

Prudishly Yours,




Juliet said...

Hey Barb! What have you done? You've made me determined to be VERY BAD, and swear a lot and be extremely rude and shocking - that's what. I really can't bear the idea of being the goody-goody Clean BritBlogger!

(I only *appear* that way because my clients and mother-in-law read my blog!!)

Barb McMahon said...


I have some Aunties who might see mine, so...

Perhaps we could just agree that the phrase "Musings from a muddy island" is too filthy even to interpret?

zoe said...

Hello and thank you for popping by. You have a mighty fine blog here even if you don't like the title of mine - but that's OK with me.

Where I come from (although I wasn't raised this way), the word 'twat' is just a stronger version of 'twit'. And from where my partner comes from, it's the same. In fact, he dared me to set up the blog with the name 'My Boyfriend is a Twat.'

And that's my lesson for today. Do keep writing - even if you're not happy and you know it ;)

Antonia said...

The word 'Whoopee' in British slang means something so base and sordid I can't bring myself to explain it. It makes grown, hairy men cry.

Barb McMahon said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Zoe. I think we're a little more uptight (and possibly dirty-minded) round here.

And Antonia - it is as I had hoped...