Friday, April 4, 2008

To My Hair

I know you hate Paris.  I get that.  And that's why you're misbehaving so badly.  And I would sympathize, if it weren't for the fact that you also hate Stratford, Windsor, Toronto, entire swaths of Spain.....

You misbehave.  Wildly.  And I'm used to that.  But can I ask you - why can't you at least be consistent in your bad behaviour?

I don't ask all of you to be curly.  Or straight.  Or limp.  You're a collection of individuals, and I respect you for it.  And I could deal with it if you could just stay the same day to day.  You know, curly over on the left, straight in patches, generally limp out the back.

But no.  You insist on variety.  I never know what I'm going to find.  And even when you go through the whole shampoo/condition/blowdry process and come out looking normal, an hour or two later, it's total chaos up there.

You're making me look bad people!  In Paris!  What is it you want?  Better shampoo?  More hats?  What?

Please, discuss among yourself and get back to me.





Juliet said...

ha ha ha. If yours respond in a positive fashion to this plea, maybe you could have a word with all my lot next, please?

Barb McMahon said...

They've actually been much better behaved since this was posted. Either they need to be treated as individuals - like siblings in a really big family. Or they just love the attention of being mentioned on the internet.

Good luck with yours!

Juliet said...

Took mine to my hairdresser today and she gave some of them a good talking to (and then covered them in chemicals to teach them a lesson) and the rest she chopped right off! For the moment the ones that remain are being quite submissive, but I imagine that by the morning they'll be up to their old tricks again!