Thursday, May 1, 2008

All Done

I filed my mother's final taxes today.  She died January 4 2007, and as executor of her estate, this was my final task.

And, yes, I know I missed the deadline, for both countries in which she paid taxes.

I procrastinated.  I put it off.  I hid the papers.  I wasn't ready.

But today, without any fanfare, or even much conscious thought, I put the forms in an envelope, dropped my loose change on the counter of the post office and sent the envelope on its way.

It hit me tonight.

I'm all done.

I looked after them for forty-six years and I'm all done.  I don't know who I am.  I'm all done.

Note to self:  It's OK.

It's OK.

It's OK...




Juliet said...

It's OK . . .

. . . and now you need to look after yourself a bit xx

Piecake said...

That was a good way to celebrate May Day. Even if it wasn't intentional.

Barb McMahon said...

Thanks, Juliet, I will.

And Piecake - I hadn't thought of that, but you're right. Thank you.

Magpie said...

Wow. All I could do was sigh, deeply.

Take care of you now.

Barb McMahon said...

Thank you. I will.