Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Egg White Omelette Test

People are funny.  And people when they're eating are really, really funny.

"Fat is bad," they believe.  So when faced with the gorgeousness that is the three-egg omelette, they try to remove some of the fat.

Could they ask chef to leave out the cheese?  That would be easy for chef to do.


Could they ask for dry toast?  Easier still.


What they ask chef to do, in the middle of a busy breakfast service, is to separate the eggs and make a cheese omelette using ONLY THE WHITES.

Nothing sticks to a pan more tenaciously than an egg white omelette.

In fact, it was an egg white omelette that was the impetus for Alan winning the prize in our house for the Most Frequent Deployment of the F-word in a Single Paragraph.  Five times, to be exact.

I am the champ in the category of Random-Expletive-Stringing.  But this was a full paragraph.  With sentences!  And grammar!

And also, unfortunately, volume.  I sidled up to him and suggested perhaps we should use our indoor voices and earned myself two more!

And Alan is the mildest of men. So...

Try the test at home.  You don't have to eat the nasty thing, just make one and see how you feel about it.

Because no matter what you put on the breakfast menu, there will be substitutions.


Magpie said...


They don't read, they don't listen and they don't care - right?

Barb McMahon said...

Pretty much...