Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Need a Girlfriend!

Looking for work involves going to interviews.  Which involves trying to look hire-worthy.  Which involves owning decent clothes.

Which involves..... shopping.

Shopping is not one of my favourite activities. Unless it's shopping for books.  But that's not going to get me hired, so...

One day last week, Alan and I went off to the mall (our house was being shown - it seemed like a good way to spend an hour or so), where I tried on work-worthy clothes.

Alan wandered through the store.  Then he wandered through the mall.  Then he came back and found a comfy chair to rest in.

When I had decided on my choices, I showed him - a few blouses and a cardigan, which I thought maybe could wait till I'd actually been hired somewhere?

One of the blouses was actually for a party that was coming up.  It is now known as Barb's Clown Shirt (sigh).

The cardigan?  "Isn't that a Fat Lady Sweater?" he asked, helpfully.  I didn't buy it.

There are dating services for people looking for romantic involvements.  There should be a service to match people up for shopping. 

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