Friday, July 11, 2008

You Call That an Apology?

Yesterday was a busy day, taken up with those myriad little tasks that can tear up a day and leave you wondering what you do with your time - job applications, blogging (though not here - sorry!), CSA basket delivery. 

And the kicker.  Tracking down a printed copy of the results of our last water test.  You see, we're on a well here and the new buyers are afraid of it.

Getting the results required making phone calls.  And waiting for people to get back to me.  And running to answer the phone.  And tearing through the files to find things.  And then making more phone calls.

It didn't sound like much when I explained it to Alan, either, but trust me.  It was MUCH! 

What was really annoying about all of this is that everything was supposed to have been taken care of by the buyers and their agent, before 6 PM on Wednesday.  The deal was supposed to expire then.  But while we were signing papers, the buyers' agent said,  "We can have till Friday if we need it, right?"

We said no.  But somehow, he heard yes.

Those of you who keep track of these things will remember that yesterday was THURSDAY.

Their bad, my hassle.

Because of Canadian privacy laws, our local health unit is not allowed to fax the test results to my agent.  Even though I gave permission over the phone.  Even though a real-estate deal was hanging in the balance, along with my sanity.

So a trip to the Health Unit office was added to my list of end-of-day errands.

In the meantime, the buyers agent decided it would be a good idea to come and take ANOTHER water sample and send it in.  On the assumption that we would totally give them till Monday to lift the conditions (oh, we so totally would not!!!!!!!).

When he came for the water, I let him in.  He assured me that things were moving along nicely and we'd likely get our deal.

His acknowledgement that things were running late?  Nearly nonexistent.  The reason he gave for things running late?  The buyers - they're self-employed.

Uh, dude?  D'ya have any idea what it is we do?


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kimmomofeight said...

your last line summed it up perfectly...

Glad it all worked out for ya.