Friday, September 5, 2008

Customer Service As It's Supposed To Be

Last Thursday, Alan came home from work and announced that he had five days off.  I was free Monday and Tuesday, as well.  For the first time since April, we had two days off in a row, together!  This seemed like a sign from the heavens, so we booked ourselves an overnight at the Little Inn of Bayfield.

And it was fabulous.  Bayfield is about my favourite place to escape to and the Little Inn never disappoints.

Dinner was very good and very filling.  Dessert for me was a pot of cinnamon tea.  And it was oh, so good!  Tasted just like the cinnamon hearts I used to eat as a kid.

The next morning, I asked our server if that tea was for sale in the gift shop.  Sadly, no.  Nor anywhere else in Bayfield.  I assured her it was OK, I had taken the tag the night before and could look it up online.

A few minutes later, she appeared at our table with a few bags packaged up for me to take home, just because I liked the tea so much.

Such a simple thing, but it makes me want to tell everyone to go to the Little Inn of Bayfield for their next getaway.


pierre l said...

Oh, I remember Cinnamon Hearts! Perhaps I should try cinnamon tea.
Looking at the hotel's website, has reminded me that I learned English, in part by going to summer camp with Camp Queen Elizabeth (of London, Ontario, YMCA), then at Camp White Bear because the man who ran Camp QE had decided to start his own). I sort of remembered a Mr Johnstone, and lo and behold, his name appears on the web in the Camp White Bear archives.
This must have been the summer of 1960 because I remember JFK being moniated for Presidential candidate while I was there.
I was born in the Montreal area and lived there until I moved to Europe in 1972.
Back to the Hotel, for the cost of a few tea bags, she's made a friend for life. And if I ever visit Ontario...

Barb McMahon said...

Very cool.

Glad to know a little bit more about you, Pierre!