Wednesday, November 5, 2008


People of America, you have restored my faith in your voting abilities!

As a Canadian, I can't influence or control what goes on down there, so I don't say much about my political leanings. 

But seriously?  If it had gone the  other way?  I was moving to Iceland.  Because that woman?  She was itching to invade something and we're just a little too close for comfort.

But you did it!  Barack won!

Bloody Brilliant!!!

We might just be OK. if we haven't all been smiling enough today, head over here and beam!



susanbuchanan2 said...

love you calling SP "that woman"! yes, this is a time for hope for usa and world. glad you're not moving to Iceland.

Barb McMahon said...

Thanks! Frankly, so am I. Three moves in one year would have been a bit much.