Saturday, November 22, 2008

R is for Resolutions

I realize that it's ridiculously early to be talking about New Year's resolutions, but I'm constrained by my purely arbitrary decision to go through the month alphabetically.  And since I'm fairly certain you don't want to read about rashes, or rosacea, resolutions it is!

I always approach the making of my New Year's resolution with a sense of adventure.  I like to go at it with the idea that, if I actually follow through, what activity/thought process/new approach will actually see me into next year feeling happier and better about my life?

So things like losing weight (less? of me?!?!), or drinking less (as if!!!!) are not on my resolution roster. 

Learning new things, or trying new ways of living make the grade.  My most brilliant resolution ever was "Spend more time with positive people" and I did and it was a great year.

Last weekend, I drove to London for my niece's bridal shower.  And, honestly, when did I turn into such a country mouse?  London seemed HUGE to me.  And really busy and really, really scary to drive through.  Plus it was raining. 

Then it snowed so I stayed the night at my sister's.  But the next morning I realized that if I waited for the snow to go away, living in southern Ontario as we do, I could still be there, cluttering up her living room in JUNE!

So I took a deep breath and drove myself home.

And it was scary as hell for me.  But when it was over and I was safely at home, I had a bit of an endorphin rush.

So I think this year, I'll follow Eleanor Roosevelt's advice and "Every day, do something that scares me."  Because I like the endorphin rush.  And because, if you let yourself give in to your fears, they just multiply and take over and your world gets smaller and smaller and smaller and even though I'm middle-aged, I'm really not ready to let that happen yet.

How about you?  Any thoughts?

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