Friday, December 12, 2008

The Thought Hadn't Even Occurred to Me

Sorry for the radio silence, but I've been sick.  In fact, I spent much of Wednesday in our local emergency department, being poked and prodded and given an I.V. in one of the smallest rooms I've ever been in.

At one point, there was the guy from the lab, taking blood samples, the nurse, setting up the I.V., Alan, offering support, and me, in a johnny shirt and my boots (I was on my way to the bathroom when the lab guy showed up).  Crowded?  We just needed Madame DuMont and a duck and we'd've had a Marx brothers movie.

It took awhile for the lab results to come back, so I had a snooze to make up for a night spent pacing and squeaking, alternated with curling up in the fetal position and squeaking some more.

Finally, the young doctor entered the room to tell me that, well... it could be a kidney stone.  Or maybe a gallstone.  Possibly some flu-like infection.  But I'm definitely not pregnant.

He seemed really pleased to be able to give me that last piece of information.  And just a little hurt when I burst into raucous laughter and nearly fell off the bed.

But after a lifetime of abysmal infertility, twenty years on the Pill, and introductory greetings from Mr. Menopause, plus the addition of a whole lotta painkillers, it seemed pretty funny.

Hey, you give me the fun drugs, you take the consequences.



La Belette Rouge said...

Oh, poor you. I have had a kidney stone and that was no fun. I so hope you are feeling much better and your MD can figure out what is going on.

margaret atkinson said...

poor barb!thinking of you!!!!!!

kimmomofeight said...

Ack!! Feel better soon ~ and enjoy the drugs :)

Valerie said...

Ouch Barb! Wishing you a good recovery..... and lots of rest! Lots of love from all of us here.xoxox Valerie

Jamie said...

HeeHee! That's pretty funny. At least you got a laugh outta the ordeal! Hope you start feeling better soon.

Barb McMahon said...

Thanks everyone! I'm feeling much better now.