Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Never Dated Much

I started a new job last week.  And I really think this is The One.  I love it so much.

So, after I signed my contract, it was time to break up with officially quit my previous job.

You may recall that this was the one that "let me go" at the end of October.  Since then, they've called me back in repeatedly.  And I am very grateful, if a little bemused by the extended period of fill-in work.  But, as I said, I have found my Forever Job.  It was time to make a clean break.

I called the manager and told him the news.

I've got a shift lined up February 1.


Jamie said...

Congratulations on the new job!!!

Barb said...

Thanks so much, Jamie!

KSV Woolfoot said...

Are you going to tell about your Forever Job, or is that bad luck or something? Ihe only forever job I am sure I would like is cashing dividend checks. Congratulations, of course.

Barb said...


Because it's all so new (and cashing dividend checks is not, as yet, even on the horizon), I think I'll take the advice of people like Dooce and Petite Anglaise and not blog about work.

But thanks for asking!