Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cold Season

I have a cold.  The third one this year, which, given that I typically only succumb once a year, has left me unreasonably cranky.

Two nights ago, I went to bed and started coughing.  My husband said, "Should you take some Buckley's?"

Me: (coff coff) I don't want to take the Buckley's.

Alan:  It'll help you sleep.

Me: (hack) I hate the Buckley's.  When they say it tastes terrible...

Alan: But it works...

Me: They're being unnecessarily modest. (coff coff hack) It's the worst-tasting stuff on earth.

Alan: But it works...

Me:  I'd rather wax my pubes!

Alan: But that wouldn't quell the cough.

Me: It's like swallowing a Christmas tree. (hack coff sniffle)

That's been set on fire. (coff coff hack)

And doused in hot sauce. (snort hack wheeeeeeze)

FINE!  I'll take the f***ing Buckley's!

(I stomp off down the hall.  Much clattering of spoons and gasping and head-clutching follows)

Eventually I climb back into bed.  We snuggle. 

A few minutes later...

Alan: You've stopped coughing.

Me: Shut up.



KSV Woolfoot said...

Glad to see you back on your blog BE. I don't know about Buckley's. Where can you get it? My husband is fond of a flavor of sodapop: "Spruce" which I believe is available only in Quebec "Epinette, je crois". I try it every couple of months and think: Christmas tree, sugar, carbonation. Why would anyone drink this for pleasure or any other reason? My son likes it too, which is very odd.

Barb said...

I agree. "Spruce" is a scent, not a flavour.

Buckley's is available in the US and Canada in any "cold remedies" aisle.

It's not available in Great Britain, which just confirms my suspicions that the Brits are smarter than us!

Thanks for checking in!