Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lazy Sunday Links - Now Do This

When I was working for myself, staying organized was easy. 

But since Alan and I have started working for others and I still want to maintain an online presence (hello!), it's gotten more complicated.  Anything that can help me stay organized AND be fun to work with is a winner in my books.

I found just such a winning tool this week.  It's called Now Do This and it's a really simple, well-designed online To Do list. 

At the start of your work day, you enter what you need to get done that day and hit save.  Your list shows up one item at a time.

When you finish a task, you hit done and up comes the next item and so on till the big green all done! shows up and you feel special.

You can organize your list by how you think your day will go or (and this is how I do it) in order of importance.

Put the most important thing first and then a few others after that.  So if your day goes all to hell regularly, at least you stand a chance of getting the big stuff done.

Wow!  That's a long post for one little site!  Please, head on over and check out Now Do This.  And when you're in the edit window, click on 'about' and you'll be able to go to their blog.  It's got a couple of helpful hints.

Hope you're all having a lovely lazy Sunday!

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