Friday, July 3, 2009

A New Take on Success - Part 2

(This is part 2 of the excerpt I started in yesterday's post.

So then in the next class, he decides to work on the other end of the food chain and goes on and on about the amoeba and how it never gets anywhere.

Well I couldn’t let that one slide past, either. I mean, amoebas have to be just about perfect. They know what their life is about and they just get on with it. Living and reproducing and living some more. And they do it all in one tiny cell.

It’s perfect.

What do they need with achievement? What’s wrong with being content?

I just can’t stand these business types who feel like they have to leave their mark on the world or their lives haven’t been worth anything. And it’s usually a pretty filthy footprint they leave, too.   And they think everyone should be just like them.  It's ridiculous.

After the third class, he told me not to come back. I guess I was the first person ever to be kicked out of the course. My Dad couldn’t even get his money back.

I think he gave up on me after that, and I’ve been a happy little amoeba ever since.

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