Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's Not That We're Tired

Is it possible that we're getting too old for the whole "fix up and sell properties" game?

We did some painting in the living room yesterday and admittedly it has a twelve foot ceiling, which we painted.  But should it kill us quite as much as it did?

We were lying in bed last night, sound asleep, when a sound woke us up.  It seemed like a loud sound, I think.  I don't really know, I was asleep.

But a sound that wakes you up at night, a sound that's not part of the normal repertoire of sounds that wake you up at night (like the snow plough dropping its blade from the "high" position right next to your house, or your next door neighbour driving around and around and around his property on a snowmobile at Two In The Morning!!) is a sound that should be investigated.  I thought.

I couldn't get up.  Alan lifted his head an inch off the pillow and with his eyes closed, mumbled, "Everything looks fine from here."

And we went back to sleep.


laissezfaire said...

Thanks for your kind words at my last post, Barb. Really appreciate it! xoxo Su Ling

Barb McMahon said...

Hope it helped.... Thanks for dropping by.