Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Stuff - More Useful Than You Think

But what if starting out small isn't quite enough?  What if you're really, really, really careful, but your cashflow is still way too tight?

Well, that's where your stuff makes itself useful.

We have, through the years, gotten ourselves into some really tight spots. 

I hesitate to tell you this, because it makes us sound inept.  We're not, I don't think.  We just like trying new things, setting off on new adventures.  And with each new adventure, there seems to come a point where the cashflow dries up.  Where we need just a little more to get us through to the time that it all starts to work in our favour.

In those moments, we look around and decide what we can sell for the necessary cash.

Sometimes it's small items - books we no longer read, CD's we no longer listen to can get carted off to a second-hand shop or our local auction house. 

Sometimes it's a bit more drastic - the nice shiny car gets sold and something cheaper (and uglier) is parked in our driveway.

For really big dreams, we've sold houses.

Obviously, you can't keep throwing money at a venture that's never going to work.  Sometimes you have to walk away with your assets intact. 

But it would really be a shame to let a dream go just because you like your car better.

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