Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lazy Sunday Links

Blogging is becoming ever-more popular.  And it really is a wonderful resource for the self-employed.  Do it right, and you've got yourself an extra income stream.

Do it wrong, of course, and it won't do much of anything for you.

I blogged for far too long, with no idea what I was doing.  Resources, people!  Resources are crucial!

One of the best there is is Skelliewag, a pro blogger with lots of experience, a keen understanding of how it all works and an ability to lay it all out concisely and clearly.

I wish I'd discovered her a year and a half ago.  But at least you can learn from my mistakes...

And huge congratulations to Tim and Simon, whose Big Green Bookshop opened with great fanfare yesterday in London.

Yay guys!

Hope you're all having a lovely lazy Sunday.


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