Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back to the B&B

I have a B&B story that's just too good not to share.

Friends of ours stayed in a place (they refuse to tell us which one) that had a strict but unstated breakfast policy.

When they said, "Breakfast is at 8:30", they meant it.  Though, as I said, they were a little hazy on the details.

So our friends took their time the first morning and arrived, ten minutes late, to a silent dining room of surly fellow guests. 

The owners wouldn't even serve the coffee until every guest was seated.

The next morning, just to be sure that our friends had learned their lesson, the man of the house stood at the bottom of the stairs at 8:15 and blew on a bugle.

Point taken.  They never returned.


M said...

I had a B&B operator get rather huffy with me when I was late for B'fast.
nothing like this - but it was disconcerting, especially since we called to say we were running late and were repeat guests.
I;ll say who it was too!
it was Sandy Cove Inn located at Inverness, CA, but if the B&B is still there, it is no longer operated by the same couple - who were generally pleasant, well, the husband was! B'fast is not is not my best time of day under any circumstances!

Barb McMahon said...

Oh, mine either!