Monday, May 5, 2008

Fun at the Pharmacy Week - Part One

Things have been a little serious on this here blog. It's time for me to get back to spreading a little sunshine.

So welcome to "Fun at the Pharmacy Week".  I'm not sure what it says about my life that I have enough funny pharmacy stories to fill almost an entire week, but there you have it.

The first one took place quite a few years ago now.  I'd had a really bad throat infection for which my doctor prescribed antibiotics.  And, of course, they turned on me.

The morning after my last pill, I woke up covered in the biggest, itchiest rash I have ever encountered.  It was in my ears.  It was on the bottoms of my feet.

And, of course, it was all over my face.  At a time when I was working in a retail store.  Pretty, pretty shopgirl.

I called the doctor's office.  He recommended an oatmeal bath.

"Um.  I'm at work?"

Fortunately, there was a pharmacy just down the mall from where I worked.  With a pharmacist well-versed in bad reactions and ugliness.  He fixed me up with some pills and ointments and I was on my way to recovery.

A week later, I was back in the pharmacy, standing in line at the checkout.  Buying tampons.  When my hero spotted me from across the store.

"HOW'S THAT RASH?" he called.

I swear to you, they all moved away from me.

I have three more stories for you.  And then it's Friday and I'm fresh out of ideas.  So please, if you've ever had a fun-filled adventure at your local pharmacy, send it to me.  If it's not entirely filthy, or illegal, I'll print it and give you all the credit!


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