Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Dip/Tet Offensive

I had my three-year annual last week.

I'm terrible about going to the doctor. 

And it's weird living in a small town, because when I'm really overdue for a visit, he starts to come hang round the bread table at the market until I get so embarrassed I finally break down and make an appointment.

So Friday I went in, expecting to be worked over by the nurse-practitioner (my blood-pressure was elevated, go figure).

She was a very friendly little dumpling of a woman. 

This put me off-guard, so when she asked when I'd had my last tetanus shot, I forgot to lie like I usually do.

It's terrible.  You go in, expecting to get mugged   have a Pap test and you walk out of there with an entirely different part of your body throbbing in pain.

I've felt lousy ever since.  Too sick even to blog.

So I Googled diphtheria.  And yes, it's a fairly nasty disease.  COMMON IN DENSELY POPULATED AREAS!!!!

There's just so much wrong with that demographic.

And the tetanus portion?  I crossed "step on a rusty nail" off my life list when I was seven.

And I'll admit, my opinions of doctors and the medical system in general were set in stone when I was six.

But this experience?  Hasn't done a thing to change that!


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