Thursday, June 5, 2008

Unemployment Sucks

So I think you know I've been looking for work.

After years of being self-employed and being the caregiver for various elderly relatives, I just think it would be nice to let someone else be the boss for awhile.

But a strange thing happens when you make the change from Self-Employed to Looking-For-Work.

You suddenly become Unemployed.


I put my resume in at a place downtown the other day.  There was a sign in the window of a pretty cool little shop. 

The woman behind the counter said, "You know it's part-time?"

Um.  Yes, that's what the sign said.

After giving me the spiel about the lousy hours and (I assume) worse pay, she muttered, "Well, I guess if you're unemployed, you'll take anything."

And I'm thinking, you might want to get that "Help Wanted" sign etched right into the glass on your storefront, lady, 'cuz there aren't many people so unemployed they'd take you.


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