Friday, June 20, 2008

I Encounter a Super Hero

Alan needed eggs. 

I totally forgot on my first round of errands.  So after lunch, I grabbed the three bucks off the table and waddled off to the variety store (lunch was salad and pesto mashed potatoes - you'd waddle too).

Put the eggs on the counter.  "That'll be $3.15," said Mama.


Did I mention this was my second attempt to run errands?

Just as Mama was telling me that it was OK, I could pay the difference next time I came in (we shop there a lot), a total stranger reached into his pocket an put fifteen cents on the counter.

Thanks, Total Stranger!

Waddling home with my now fully-paid-for eggs, I started thinking about all the stories you hear of people being helped by a Total Stranger.  From the little stuff like throwing a few coins on the counter to helping cats out of trees and rushing in to burning buildings.  Always a Total Stranger.  Who usually wanders off before anyone can say "Thank you".

And I thought..... what if it's not a bunch of random people.  What if it's THE SAME PERSON? 

Total Stranger - The Super Hero.  Wandering the world to rescue the hapless, the inept, the forgetful.

Crazy thought, I know.  But no crazier than, say, gravity.  And it could be anybody.  Because who actually looks the Total Stranger in the face?

Anybody at all.

Could it be you?


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