Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lazy Sunday Links

How I felt most of the week while my computer (aka "Fluffy") refused to work for me.  Fortunately, my husband called Dell for me and after half an hour or so with the Tech Guy, everything seems to be fine.  Whew!

I found a few new sites this week that I'm really enjoying.  Hmmm.... where to start...

A few weeks ago Bete du Jour sent out a survey.  I've no idea where he found my email.  Suspecting I was being had, I started following his blog.  He writes really well.  I left a comment about the survey.  Then he had to move. And he and his girlfriend broke up.  And his cat died.  I'm really hoping things get much, much better for him.  Because I'm hooked on this blog and can't take much more sorrow.

I also found Kristabella: Full of Snark Since 1977.  Billed as "tales of a Chicago singleton who keeps the wineries in business", she does have some snark, but in a nice way.

The lovely folks who bring us I Can Has Cheezburger and I Has a Hotdog (where I found today's picture)  also have FAIL blog.  When you're having a bad day, it's always nice to get a laugh from someone whose day is worse.

And one I think I can probably learn a lot from as I continue my job search: Not Hired.  I just pray my resume never shows up on it!

Found via Reclaiming Miss Havisham, a wonderful blog that started out as a decor blog and is now evolving in new directions.  Wise girl, she just changed the course of her one blog.  Unlike me.  I keep adding new ones as new ideas occur.  As they did this week, leading to...

Stratford Daily Photo.  A picture a day of my hometown.  Part of the City Daily Photo network, in which you can lose yourself for days.

I'll leave you with that, hoping you're all enjoying a lovely lazy Sunday.

And to all you Dads - Happy Father's Day!

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