Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Don't Vote For Me - I Don't Understand The System

When we went to see our real-estate agent last week, to be presented with the offer, she looked a little embarrassed as we started signing.

"I'm really sorry to have to do this,"  she said.  "But I have to ask for two pieces of ID."

This woman has known us for FOUR years.

But new anti-terrorist legislation was recently introduced.  Because the middle-aged, home-buying public is soooo dangerous (note to Steve: we're only a danger to ourselves!).

When we went to see our lawyer, a man we've known for FIFTEEN YEARS, I joked to Alan, "Suppose he'll need to see our photo ID?"

He rolled his eyes and brought it along.

I did manage to conduct a bank transaction WITH ONLY MY BANK CARD.

Then I went to apply to a Temp Agency.

They need to see my Social Insurance Card.  The mere number won't do.  They need to be able to photocopy the actual card. And, since my card was stolen nearly thirty years ago and I haven't quite gotten around to replacing it, I have another errand to run.

The girl explained, quite helpfully, that, according to the new legislation, temp agencies can only employ someone for six days without seeing their actual Social Insurance Card.

Because, man!  The proceeds from SEVEN DAYS of temp work could fund..... lunch? Maybe?

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