Friday, October 3, 2008

Best Line of My Week

Sorry for the sporadic posting.  With three part-time jobs and a disaster of an apartment to fix, I've been having trouble getting to the computer.

But I did want to say 'hi'. And share a little story.

The new apartment needs a new back door.  The one that's there tends to fall off its hinges if you actually try to open it.

So we've ordered a new one.  And Roger came to measure it on Tuesday.  Before we had a chance to bail all the garbage out of the backyard.  Or air out the house.  Or anything.

Now, Roger's a really nice guy.  We've been buying our doors and windows from him for years.  It's always nice to see him.  But he's also really clean.  Really, really clean.  So clean, in fact, that I feel the need to shelter him from the knowledge that dirt even exists.

So as he walked up to our back door, past the garbage and the toys and the bedroom dresser, I started babbling about the tenants and the mess and the fact that they had small children in the middle of all this squalor.  And a dog and cats....

And Roger, who apparently owns a few rental properties himself, stopped dead in his tracks, shook his head sadly and said in a tone that conveyed that this man knows suffering, "Why do they ALWAYS have a cat...."


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