Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Was Told There Will Be Prizes

I signed up for NaBloPoMo this morning.  Well, when I say signed up, I sent in my URL, as instructed.  It's not listed in the blogroll yet, but it is Saturday and I see Eden hasn't even updated for today ("post before lunch", she suggests helpfully), which makes me wonder a bit about the validity of this whole NaBloPoThing. 

I tried to sign up for the NingRingThing, but that was just beyond me and since I've no idea what it actually does, I just went all old-fashioned and formal and sent an email instead.

But still.  I was told there will be prizes.  And I hope I win one, because there is nothing more likely to inspire an epic, no, in fact a completely Biblical case of writer's block in me than promising to write for or at a set time.

Truly.  Anyone at all could shut off the supply of words (but why would anyone want to?) by just saying something like, "I need three words by six years from Tuesday," and, KABOOM!  Six years of total silence.

And since, in my secretest corners of me, I like to call myself a writer.  No a Writer.  No! A WRITER!  A case of writer's block can bring on The Doubts.  The Misery.  The Despair.

So, there better be prizes, cuz it's gonna be a helluva month!


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