Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Favourite Day of the Year

You can have your Christmas.  And your birthdays, anniversaries and first days of Spring.  There's a pleasantness to each and every one of them that I quite enjoy.

But for me, the best day of the year?  Has to be this one - the day after Daylight Savings Time ends.

It's not that I hate Daylight Savings Time per se, though I do bitterly resent losing an entire hour of sleep right at the start and then having to wait the entire summer to get it back. 

OK.  I guess I do hate Daylight Savings Time....

But what I particularly love about this day is that I can sleep in, like the lazy pig that I am, yawn, stretch luxuriously.  And when I look at the clock I am amazed at how virtuous I am for getting the day started so early!

I feel wonderfully productive, because every time I look at the clock, it's so much earlier than I expect it to be and look at how much I've accomplished!

And then the sun goes down in the middle of the afternoon, throwing my body clock completely out of whack and it takes me an entire week to regain my equilibrium.

Which is pretty much the same reaction I have to Christmas and birthdays.


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