Wednesday, November 26, 2008

V is for Virtual Friends

No vavoom today, thankfully.  The chicken turned out fine, the kitchen still stands.

When I started my first blog (two years ago this week!), I was trying to promote the food shop my husband and I were running.  I had read that blogs were a great way to promote small businesses.

I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I started reading other blogs, just to see how other people did it.  And then I got drawn in to their worlds.  Started leaving comments.  And sometimes, someone would visit my blog (and eventually, blogs) and say something friendly or helpful or funny.

And over time, some of these people have become friends.  Friends that I have never met in person and maybe never will.

People get really sniffy about the virtual world.  And make wild claims that virtual friendships aren't REAL and are a poor, flimsy substitute for the real thing.

These people have obviously not spent enough time online. 

No matter where this blogging adventure takes me, I can tell you, I treasure each and every one of the comments you leave.  And the friendships that develop are every bit as real as the ones that occur face to face.

Thanks for the tag, Jamie.  I'll accept the challenge - as soon as I figure out seven things I haven't already shared about myself!



shoesonwrong said...

Wait, wait, wait. You say "virtual friendships."

Does this mean there are other kinds? Do I have to leave the house for them?

Barb McMahon said...

Well, you did. But then someone invented the internet. And life got SO much better!