Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lazy Sunday Links - Why I Love Twitter

I've been doing some work-related research on social media (yes, I do have a great job!) and, in the process, I've gotten totally hooked on Twitter.

Why?  It's one-stop shopping for all the best stuff on the web.  People come across something cool, send out a tweet about it and all you have to do is click the link and there it is, helpful, cool, inspiring information.  The polite thing, of course, is to retweet the information you've just found and on it goes.

Seriously.  Best invention in a really long time.

Do yourself a favour.  Sign up for a free account, hunt around for people you like and start following them.  You can start with my list, if you like.

When you see something interesting, be sure to click the little star icon beside it. That'll save it to your personal favourites list and make it so much easier to find later.

What's my favourite find this week?  JJ Jalopy's 10 Simple Things that will Immediately Increase your Quality of Life

Hope you're all having a lovely lazy Sunday!

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