Monday, June 1, 2009

Things That Don't Suck

Do you ever have a day that sort of sucks?  Nothing truly bad happens, but the petty annoyances add up. 

Maybe the alarm clock didn't go off.  On the morning that you needed to iron your last clean shirt.

You couldn't find your keys.  The cheque wasn't in the mail.  The boss had his period.  Again.

Fame and/or fortune has not come calling and it's your turn to cook dinner.  Again.

Nothing truly bad.  But it all kind of sucks and you'd really like some kind of antidote.

Let me propose a list.  Of Things That Don't Suck.  Things that can make you smile.  Calm down.  Take a deep breath and realize that really?  Your life is actually pretty good.

First up?  Doggies.

They totally don't suck.

The other day, I was looking after my upstairs neighbour's dog while she was at work.  This little dog is still a puppy and hates to be alone.  So I brought her down to my apartment and eventually, she curled up in my lap and fell asleep while I got some computer work done.

She was warm and soft and still and I'm sure my blood pressure dropped.  I felt so relaxed and all's-right-with-the-world.

Totally didn't suck.

There'll be more.  I'm building a list.

What's your favourite thing that doesn't suck?  What can cheer you up on one of Those Days?


kimmomofeight said...

Listening to one of my kids giggle (not laugh, just giggle); and of course being loved by Phoebe and Murphy ~ dogs ARE all that aren't they?

Barb said...

Yes they are. But the kid giggles are irresistible!